New development

New development
in step away from Ibiza's heart

Welcome to Sa Figuera. A project designed from start to finish for Ibiza families seeking tranquility, proximity to the city center of Ibiza, and a home tailored for everyday life.

“Sa Figuera,” which preexists on the plot, originally part of the original fig fields in the area, gives its name to this development. Just like under a fig tree, the design of this development provides the homes with fresh and illuminated spaces.

Sa Figuera is a unique building in design, entirely conceived for family living, without compromising on price and quality.

Spacious areas, large terraces, ample facades for constant natural light, and a common area with a communal pool.


Perfect union

Perfect union

Singular Habitat is the commercial brand of the alliance between BM Confort, a developer with 500 homes and over 25 years of experience in Ibiza, and the architectural firm of the Ibizan architect Adrián Bedoya Mey, known for its focus on people, the environment, and the uniqueness of the island.

Can Escandell

Can Escandell

Ca n’Escandell is a neighborhood located on the outskirts of the city of Eivissa, commonly known as “Casas Baratas”. The origin of this name dates back to the Franco era when there were plans to build affordable houses. Although only one house was eventually constructed, the name has remained popular to this day.

It is a purely residential and peaceful neighborhood where single-family homes coexist with small buildings of up to three stories.

The proximity to the city center, Ses Figueretes beach, as well as its green areas, both existing and future (we are located across from the future Besora green space), make this neighborhood an excellent location for family life.

About Sa Figuera


Sa Figuera is located to the south of Ca n’Escandell, just a 6-minute walk from both the Figueretas Lidl and the Can Cantó school. Additionally, it’s a 10-minute walk from Figueretas Beach.


Sa Figuera consists of 12 residences with their parking spaces and a communal pool with a garden.

The outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated into the home. The terraces are conceived as extensions of the communal areas of the residence, maximizing the spatial connection between the interior and exterior. All rooms have direct access to the terraces, making them dynamic and well-lit spaces.

The façade with latticework and large overhangs not only shapes the building’s compositional discourse but also provides excellent energy efficiency, minimizing the need for air conditioning in warm seasons.

The spacious living rooms with integrated kitchens give the homes a special sense of openness and warmth. The surrounding terraces that connect all spaces serve as a natural source of light and freshness for each environment.

The rooftop sunbathing area and communal pool receive direct sunlight throughout the day, offering views of Dalt Vila and even Formentera.

Materials used

Download the quality specifications document to get a detailed description of all the features.


Prices starting from 397.000 euros

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Vivienda Habitaciones SCC* SPEA* Disponibilidad Planos
Vivienda:Ground 1º Habitaciones:2 SCC*:108m2 SPEA*:75m2 Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:Ground 2 Habitaciones:3 SCC*:138m2 SPEA*:141m2 Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:Ground 3 Habitaciones:3 SCC*:135m2 SPEA*:98m2 Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:Ground 4 Habitaciones:3 SCC*:131m2 SPEA*:59m2 Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:1º 1º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:114m2 SPEA*:na Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:1º 2º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:138m2 SPEA*:na Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:1º 3º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:123m2 SPEA*:na Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:1º 4º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:137m2 SPEA*:na Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See
Vivienda:2º 1º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:114m2 SPEA*:104m2 Disponibilidad:Available Planos:See
Vivienda:2º 2º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:138m2 SPEA*:103m2 Disponibilidad:Available Planos:See
Vivienda:2º 3º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:123m2 SPEA*:73m2 Disponibilidad:Available Planos:See
Vivienda:2º 4º Habitaciones:3 SCC*:137m2 SPEA*:107m2 Disponibilidad:Sold Planos:See

(*) Built area with common elements

(**) Additional private outdoor surfaces.

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